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Our History . . .

Bugler's Hall of Fame was founded in 2005 in Bridgeport, Connecticut and over the last 17 years has inducted and honored the best military and drum corps buglers and some of the best known musicians, educators and composers of the past 75 years.

Brief History of the "Bugle" . . .


Egyptian "Trumpet" c.1400 B.C. 

Spanish Duplex Bugle8.jpg

Spanish Duplex Bugle c. 1800's


Roman bronze "Tuba"  c. 500 BC

WestPointBugles2 by rob stewart10.JPG

West Point Bugles c. 1800's

Old Guard6.jpg

Old Guard Bugle c. 1600's - 1700's


Civil War - Era Bugle c. 1860's


 Conn Reversible Bugle c. 1860's


World War I Bugle  c. 1914 - 1918


Valve/rotor G Soprano Bugle  c. late 60's

More history of the bugle in America,  HERE

From the gold and bronze trumpets found in King Tutankamen's tomb, to the classic valve rotor G bugle that lit up Roosevelt Stadium on a summer night, to the modern-day brass in use today . . . what will the next 4,000 years bring?

Early "Drum and Bugle" Corps . . .


John III Soieski Drum and Bugle Corps

         Toledo, Ohio -  c.1800's     

1920 Madison Scouts.jpg

      1920 Madison Scouts

Holy Name 40s-50s.jpg

Holy Name Cadets - '39 - '40

Skokie Vanguard 1959.jpg

Skokie Vanguard, 1959

Old Drum Corps Washington DC.jpg

The 9th Reserve Corps, Washington DC

             c.1860's - 80's     


Jubal Drum and Bugle Corps

The Netherlands - c. 1911


All-girl drum corps - c.30's


1939 Alton, Il. American Legion Corps


Hackensack - circa 1940

Logan Square Full Corps 1952.jpg

Logan Square Chicago, Illinois                 - 1952

Reilly Raiders, 1960.jpg

Reilly Raiders, 1960


Loredo Knights - c. 60's

1964 Belleville.jpg

Belleville Black Knights, 1964


Tom Powell Post #77, 1964

St Roccos Cadets 1964.jpg

St Roccos Cadets, 1964

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