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Tim Allen  Jack Deal  George Douglas  Carol Ann Schaffer Fallon  Andrew Grilk  James Hosmer  Glenn Morimoto  

Dick O'Dell  James Riley  Doreen Sandor  

Posthumous:  John Knebl  Billy Bodnar  Jimmy Highsmith  President's Award, Outstanding Achievement  Ben Harloff   Executive Board, Outstanding Contribution: Dave Wendell 

Our Mission . . .

To  preserve,  promote, and  perpetuate the art of bugling by  recognizing and  honoring those who have displayed  superior performance skills, and have demonstrated valuable and significant long-term influence on the art of bugle  and brass performance by example  or  mentoring of others.


2023 marks 18 years of service with a total membership of 165. 

On these pages you can  learn  a brief  history of the bugle and meet the men and  women  inducted  to  the  hall  of  fame since our beginning in 2005.

Enjoy the site. It's always evolving with  much more to come!

Donny Allen, President

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Support  . . .

To help us provide a world class Individual, Ensemble, minicorps and full corps preview show every year and to maintain this website showcase of the best buglers around the world, please lend your support  by visiting the site regularly and engaging with the content. Donations  to help cover the cost of medals and for day to day operations, are always welcome. Click Donate . . . 

 Class of 2015 memories . . .


Dave Hill


Arranger, Instructor

Des Plaines Vanguard


Frank Panapento

Soprano, St. Joes Batavia, Ghost Riders,

Hamburg Kingsmen


Thomas McAndrew


Reilly Raiders


Roland Garceau


Blue Devils

Beginnings . . .

 More images, soon . . .

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